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Portugal Countryside Retreats

Experience a different side to Portugal this year in Private Secluded villas.

A holiday in the Algarve countryside can be summed up this way, "family, fun and freedom". A countryside retreat in Portugal will give you the freedom to make your holiday your own. You can follow your own timetable with activities that suit your requirements, perfect for the individual needs of your family. With so many things to see and do a fun family holiday is yours for the making.


Experience the diverse and charming delights of Silves this year, no matter what time of year you choose to visit; Portugal will have something to offer you. The Algarve countryside is a much overlooked area as a family holiday destination, however inland Portugal has so much to offer. Our guide to country retreats in Portugal will help you to discover the secret delights of Silves and Albufeira. Private secluded villas are special at any time of year especially if you are looking for those well located near enough to access facilities but private enough to really be called a "Villa Retreat" We have created extensive guides and real videos of the actual localities to ensure that you are well informed and are delighted with your holiday country retreat choice. Most of our clients come back year upon year delighted with their choice of Algarve country retreat villa.




Summer in Silves

This is often the most popular time of year that people look to go away with the family and summer in Portugal is very appealing. The practically guaranteed blue skies and sunshine means that summer really will be summer with warmth, alfresco dining, swimming under clear skies and lots of outdoor adventures.


The beaches of Portugal are a huge draw during the summer months, and with perfect countryside locations that are within half an hour's drive of the beach you definitely will not miss out on beach fun. For example our stunning River House is only a 25 minute drive to the Golden Flag beach of Falesia where you have access to plenty of water-sports and miles of golden sandy coastline to explore.


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During the autumn months the change in season and the arrival of the slightly cooler weather welcomes in walking season. The Portugal countryside offers so many fantastic opportunities for hiking, nature spotting and exploring by pedal power. We have some great guides for walking in the Algarve so dust of those walking boots and come and explore a beautiful part of the world that you may not have considered for a walking holiday before.


If you fancy yourself handy with a camera then definitely bring your equipment with you, there are so many opportunities for capturing some of the best of the Portuguese flora, fauna and wildlife. An autumn break in the countryside of the Algarve is a great idea for an out of season break.


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The winter months in Portugal offer an opportunity to experience a different side to the country. Whilst the temperatures of the winter months don't reach the balmy heights of summer, thankfully they don't reach the below zero depths of northern Europe either. So with plenty of good enough weather there are many things to experience, from horse riding, surfing and golfing to exploring the local towns and villages. A winter break in a countryside property is such a lovely way to escape the winter weather of your home country.


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As Portugal moves into spring, preparations for the summer season get underway. Many of the towns and villages fiestas and festivals happen around the months of February to June and they can be quite spectacular and worth checking out. The wildlife and countryside starts to awaken providing great opportunity for nature lovers to experience the sights and sounds of spring time in Portugal.


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Countryside Retreat Properties

River house is a great example of a perfect countryside retreat. In a location that combines rural peace and quiet with easy access to great restaurants and activities, a perfect family holiday destination. With plenty of open space for the children to run around and experience safe outdoor freedom they are sure to be happy. A stunning private pool and separate splash pool provide another level of holiday experience. Top quality facilities and amenities from stunning kitchen equipment to bathrooms that truly sparkle. To sum it up, river house is a luxury countryside retreat in Portugal that comes highly recommended.


Quad Biking Experiences


A day out on the quad bikes is an unforgettable experience and a great way to see the best nature has to offer in this region. The quad bikes are automatic and easy to master. The session starts with a safety talk with Hugo and   then a practice drive to make sure you are confident with the controls followed by a trek through the countryside and lunch at a typical Portuguese restaurant.  The quad bike experiences can booked lasting 2 hours or all day.

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A child friendly 5 bedroom villa with views of the river and in a protected reserve is ideal for multiple families taking a holiday or celebrating a special occasion. The Algarve River House villa is near the historical town of Silves, only 20 minutes from some of the best beaches in Europe and 5 minutes from the local shops and market. A stylish affordable luxury villa that sleeps up to 10 guests and 4 babies comfortably.